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I have been attending Ula’s Pilates classes for over 10 years and I love going for so many reasons.  Ula is such a fabulous teacher, she is funny, encouraging and makes us work hard (except if you feel a bit poorly and then it is worth attending just to get the sympathy!).  Her knowledge and teaching of Pilates is outstanding.  I always look forward to my class and it has helped me so much both physically (someone said I had a firm tummy the other day ) and mentally (if I am feeling down before the class I always feel better after).  As someone with a history of trying lots of things and not sticking to them, this is a huge accolade to Ula that I can’t keep away.


Ula’s Pilates classes are very special. She combines exercises which build strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and tone with a unique relaxing, holistic and meditative atmosphere. I have been doing two classes a week for nearly two months and have noticed changes and improvements in my posture, body shape (more defined) and balance.

The classes have a lovely, supportive group energy whilst at the same time Ula manages to give each participant individual attention. The meditation and relaxation at the end with Ula’s dulcit voice tone is a wonderful way to end the class.

Ula as a teacher works in a holistic way. She is knowledgeable, inspiring, graceful, supportive and passionate about her work and all of these qualities have facilitated my interest and commitment to Pilates. I am now a complete Pilates convert……


I have been attending Ula’s Pilates classes for the last 10 years. It was recommended to me by a friend. Ula is a knowledgeable and friendly teacher, bringing the right combination of carrot and stick- I always feel well stretched after a session although I often don’t feel the full effects until the following day, especially if the stomach muscles have been involved! I have also noticed a feeling of general well-being after a session which is most welcome in the busy life I lead.

Ula is excellent at illustrating the different postures with the emphasis on the flowing movement between one and the other, controlling one’s breath to obtain maximum control of the body, especially the core muscles. She often comes round to check, encourage and adjust your posture, making sure of the right balance between teaching in a group and individual attention.

Our particular group meets up for coffee afterwards so that there is a friendly social atmosphere to the group as well. I intend to continue for as long as I can!


I love Ula’s Pilates classes. I always know I’ll be looked after and know which bits are being stretched whilst always being safe and not going to hurt my back.   Her classes are some of the most lovely and personable that I’ve been to. Highly recommended. 


Ula is a great pilates teacher. Her classes give you an effective, gentle workout – the atmosphere is relaxed, but she focuses on the precision and high standards required to improve your technique. Ula gives each member of the group the individual guidance they need – I am now 8 months pregnant, and she always adapts the exercises to suit me and anyone else who is not on top form. I feel supported and encouraged all the way through each lesson. I would highly recommend her classes!


Ula introduces Pilates in a calm, professional manner and in a way which is sensitive to the varied needs of her students. So, if you are concerned about your current fitness, age or infirmity this is the place to come to build that core strength! 


Ula is an excellent Pilates teacher who is warm, friendly and cares about her students. Ula’s classes are small and friendly. Our class is on Monday morning and is a great way to start the week. Ula always offers alternatives for different abilities and varies the exercises. We do a mixture of floor and ball work which is great.

avanti-pilates with ula – my unique style – group and private classes                                                   in bristol city centre – st. werburghs – bishopston

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