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January Blues? 

20% off all Massage and Energy treatments!    

Treat yourself or someone special to a bespoke wellbeing experience by booking your session in January, or requesting a voucher valid till 30 June 2020. This offer valid for bookings made until 15 January 2020.

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Apart from teaching Pilates, I am a qualified Holistic Swedish Massage and Hot Stone Therapist, currently  undergoing a professional training in Craniosacral Therapy. I am passionate about making people feel welcome and special ,reconnect with their bodies through movement, energy work and gentle touch. Giving you an immediate sense of release and deep relaxation , finding inner peace, physical,mental and emotional alignment and balance.

  In my bespoke treatments I incorporate aromatherapy, crystals and energy medicine to create a completely unique personal experience depending on your life history and your current state of wellbeing as well as wishes for the better, brighter, more balanced  future :).

All my massage and energy treatments include a personalised health and lifestyle consultation, as well as after care advice, to support your well-being and sense of specialness! 

With love, Ula x



Bespoke massage treatments in my home studio, in which I have created a very calming and sensuous ambience, for you to unwind and relax  

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    Holistic Swedish Massage (nurturing, balancing, relieving muscular tension, fatigue, pain, and emotional stress)

    Energy boost, balance & protection routines (body movement and breathing exercises improving focus, concentration, resilience, emotional stability)

   Chakra clearing & balancing (improving energy flow, body-mind communication and connection, removing blocks and tension, energising, relieving accumulated tension due to recent or past stressful and traumatic experiences)

*     Hot Stone massage (warming, nurturing, relieving muscular tension, fatigue, pain, and emotional stress,

All Treatments include consultation and aftercare advice

First time clients receive an extra 15 minutes free for detailed holistic consultation

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45 minutes – £40 (now £32)

60 minutes – £50 (now £40)

75 minutes – £60 (now £48)

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With organic aromatherapy oils:

Uplifting – orange blossom & geranium

Balancing – patchouli, geranium, rose & frankincense

Relaxing – lavender, ylang ylang & bergamot

‘Pure Pleasure’ face oil – rose, geranium, frankincense & orange blossom,

Muscle ease – ginger, lemongrass & rosemary

Detox – lemon, black pepper & frankincense

Energising – ginger, black pepper & cedar wood

Warming – juniper, rosemary & ginger

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