Avanti-Pilates with Ula



* Uplifting

* Relaxing

* Detox  

 * Warming 

 * Muscle ease

Apart from being your favourite Pilates teacher, I hope!  😀  I am also a qualified Holistic Swedish Massage and Hot Stone therapist and I am offering, only and exclusively, to my beloved students, their families and close friends, bespoke massage treatments in my home studio, in which I have created a very calming and sensuous ambience, for you to relax and recharge your batteries. 

view more information about my massage treatments :  aromatherapy-massage

Since I began studying and practising massage I realised what amazing and long lasting benefits it has on our well-being and body awareness, as well as our healthy and balanced lifestyle.The power of caring and safe touch can, not only complement healing the physical problems; like muscular or joint pains and stiffness, but also improve circulation and enhance lymph flow helping removing toxins which gather in our bodies due to everyday life worries, anxieties and tiredness.All my massage treatments include a personalised health and lifestyle consultation, as well as after care advice, to support and improve your well-being and sense of specialness!  🙂If you would like to book your massage treatment, please give me a call or drop me an email and I will do my very best to offer you a time convenient to both of us.

                                                                      With love and hugs, Ula xxx 

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